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We will be participating to the International Symposium for Preparative and Process Chromatography in Boston (USA) from July 10 to 13, 2011   http://www.prepsymposium.org/

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FCPC® Preparative (Rotor 50-200-1000 mL)


The FCPC® 50-200-1000 is a versatile instrument for purification of compounds from few milligrams to preparative quantities of extracts. Rotors can be easily exchanged on the same frame . Rotor volume for analytical work is 50mL, semi preparative ( 200mL) and preparative (1000 ml). The all FCPC instrument is in stainless steel 316 L. Standart rotors are manufactured in 316 L . On demand delivery in Titanium or polymer ( PPS ) Standart FCPC is controlled by digital control panel. Automatic version of the instrument ( rotation speed, on-off, flow directional valves) is controlled by software Conformity to all EC electrical and mechanical safety regulations.

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